When Identity Meets Data Access

How Spyglass complements and enhances your existing identity management tools.

At Spyglass, we’re putting security on autopilot for data teams, by first easing the pain of managing data access in Snowflake.

So how does Spyglass fit into your overall security strategy?

If you’re like most companies, you already have an identity management system (e.g. Okta, AzureAD, Sailpoint, etc.) that authenticates your employees and adds them to groups or roles.

Authentication, identity, and groups are prerequisites to securing your company’s data.

Authentication vs. Authorization

Identity Providers are good at authentication — identifying users and organizing them into groups. But Identity Providers are bad at authorization — setting rules for data access.

Identity Providers vs. Access Providers

While an Identity Provider allows you to define which users are in which groups, an Access Provider allows you to define what data or resources those groups can access.

Identity and Access Providers

Spyglass integrates directly at the data layer so you can understand your users’ privileges at a granular level. Identity tools can’t comprehend access at this level of precision. This allows your team to quickly understand “who has access to what.”

A functional role for the Finance group to access Payments data.

Once your team has a solid understanding of your access, Spyglass makes it easy for them to manage daily data access operations. One way to do this is by creating functional roles, which you can do in Spyglass with a few clicks.

What about Snowflake’s native roles?

Under the hood, Spyglass is built on top of Snowflake’s role-based access control, offering higher level abstractions so you can write more secure policies in less time.

About Spyglass

Spyglass is putting security on autopilot for data teams by providing a better way for data engineers to manage and understand their data access. If you’ve nodded your head while reading this, reach out to us at demo@spyglass.software!

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