Snowflake Access Control and Security

Security automation for data teams. Self-service for data consumers.

Built for data experts – we handle security so you can focus on the job you were hired for, not the one you inherited.

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Spyglass is the only security platform 
purpose-built for data teams.

Functional roles

Easy to build access

Automatic import of existing roles
Access role templates
Version and change history
Aalto mobile app UI with two home listings and a title at the top saying 12 new matches
Aalto mobile app screen showing Seller Q&A with collapsable questions and answers

Security scorecard

Automated compliance

Proactive insights
Streamlined audits
Defined principle of least privilege

Data request workflow


Data product catalog for user request
Approval workflows for data owners
Temporary access definitions
Mobile screen showing a kitchen with a virtual tour badge

Integrates with industry leading solutions

“With Spyglass, we saw an 80% reduction in time spent 
on Snowflake governance.”

“We were set up in less than one day, enabling us to scale Snowflake usage effectively and securely.”
- James Day, Director, Data Platform and Operations

Before Spyglass

  • Snowflake users relied on data team for access.
  • 2 data engineers focused on access and security, diverting from primary duties.
  • Data access requests took 3 days to complete.

With Spyglass

  • Snowflake users are able to self-service.
  • Supported by 1 part-time data engineer and data owners, time saved for other key objectives.
  • Data access requests take 1 hour to complete.

Built exclusively for Snowflake.
Setup takes minutes.

“To accelerate their data governance initiatives, enterprises need a set of access controls that can be consistently applied to different workloads across clouds and multiple geographic regions.”  
- Snowflake blog

Step one

Snowflake users rely on data team for access.

Step two

Connect your Snowflake account to Spyglass.

Step three

Import your Snowflake access rules to GitHub.

Step four

Done. Access control and security is in place.

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