Solving Snowflake Access Controls

The problem: Data teams never signed up to be security experts

Data teams lack experience

Data engineers are not security experts. Data teams shouldn’t be managing access.

We manage access in 
scripts and spreadsheets.

– Venture-backed cybersecurity company

Manual and complex process

Access is built manually by hand. This is error prone, insecure and challenging to maintain.

Our best data engineers
spend half of their time 
on access and security.

- Educational technology company

Users reliant on data team

Everyone is a data user. Data teams have to serve both data owners and data consumers.

Our internal users are 
bottlenecked by data 
engineering for access.

- Publicly traded electronics company

Snowflake security limitations

Access control headaches

  • Principle of least privilege
  • Temporary access controls
  • Table, row and column controls
  • Data access requests
  • Data access approvals
  • Role hierarchies
  • User interface

Audit and compliance bottlenecks

  • Version and change history
  • Quarterly access reviews
  • Audit trail for changes
  • Legacy role consolidation
  • Functional role definitions
  • Data owner designations
  • Usage reporting

Scaling and integration hurdles

  • Script and terraform conversion
  • Centralized version management
  • Notification tooling
  • Bi-directional sync
  • Git integration
  • Sign-sign on integration
  • Scalability
  • ITSM

The solution: Spyglass makes access management secure and simple for data teams

Without Spyglass
With Spyglass
Automated governance
Usage reporting
Role hierarchy visuals
Inactive role reporting
Central version management
Security scorecard
Version and change history
Easy to build access
UI workflows
Bi-directional sync
Import access to git
Access role templates
Functional roles
Legacy role conversion
Automated DDL generation
Access explorer
Data request workflow
Approval request workflow
Temporary grants
Approval policies
Approval reporting
Data product catalog

Data access that is simple, secure and scalable. Free the data. Free yourself.

- Set up takes minutes, understanding and fixing your access controls takes even less time. Book a demo today and see how easy it is.

Step one

Snowflake users rely on data team for access.

Step two

Connect your Snowflake account with Spyglass.

Step three

Import your Snowflake access rules to GitHub.

Step four

Done. Access control and security is in place.

“With Spyglass, we saw an 80% reduction in time spent 
on Snowflake governance.”

“We were set up in less than one day, enabling us to scale Snowflake usage effectively and securely.”
- James Day, Director, Data Platform and Operations